Project Informations

The KTHouse business is based on development of Real Estate projects, through autonomous directly controlled companies those dealing with all aspects of Real Estate development:

  • The selection and the purchasing of lots and/or buildings
  • Technical projects development (engineering, architectural, etc.)
  • Financial plan development
  • Building construction
  • The sale of the buildings built
  • Management of the Real Estate Tokenization (Stellar blockchain based)

How Real Estate Tokenization Works

Will be issued a specific Stellar ASSET (a token based on Stellar blockchain) for each Real Estate projects.

Each token will be issued (a predetermined quantity depending on the specific project) to cover all costs of the Real Estate operation.

The token will be offered through the Stellar DEX (decentralized exchange) at an initial fixed value; the purchase will be subordinated to pass a KYC / AML verification (the asset trustline will be AUTHORIZATION REQUIRED).

The tokens held will be freely tradable on the Stellar DEX platform (the trustline will always be necessary and must be authorized after KYC / AML verification of the potential buyer).

Each Real Estate initiative ends with the sale of the properties.

Upon completion of the sale, each token will be reimbursed with the initial issue quote plus an yield that could be up to 15% (for each initiative will be indicated major details about timings and yields).

All transactions will be regulated in stablecoin.

KTHouse Tokenization System