Kelià Nea Keratea - Step ONE

Kelià Nea Keratea - Step ONE

Step ONE concerns the construction of four (4) houses organized into two semi-detached configuration.


Anti-seismic structure will be made by a reinforced concrete skeleton structure composed by the following main elements:

  • foundation mat;
  • pillars;
  • beams.

Dimensions of structural elements, quantity and type of embedded reinforcement will be determined by specific structural calculations.

Floor slab between the ground floor and first floor will be performed by a wooden structure specially calculated and stiffened with a low thickness reinforced concrete slab.

Roof will be made by a wooden structure composed by beams and connecting boards; the wooden beams will be connected to the reinforced concrete structure.

External pergola, on the ground floor, will be built with columns and wooden beams. Shading in dried and treated bamboo canes will be placed on the beams.

All wooden elements will be treated with a special transparent impregnating product.

Wall System
  • External walls: made with a 30 cm thick AAC blocks (autoclaved aerated concrete) laided with a very low thickness of the binder. The AAC blocks will have a high thermal insulating power, winter and summer.
  • Internal walls: made with lightweight perforated bricks laided with lime cement mortar.
  • Foundation mat: by 4 mm of elastoplastomeric bituminous membrane, reinforced with continuous thread polyethylene fibers, and flame-welded on the lean concrete support base; a 30 micron LDPE polyethylene sheet will be spread on the membrane to separate bituminous membrane and foundation mat.
  • Terrace: by 4 mm of elastoplastomeric bituminous membrane, reinforced with continuous thread polyethylene fibers, on a layer of bituminous primer, spread on the floor. The thermal insulation (described in the next section) will be laid on the membrane. The same bituminous membrane will be laid on the thermal insulation. Then willbe used a 30 micron LDPE polyethylene sheet to separate the waterproof layer from the flooring.
  • Roof: a double waterproofing layer. The first in adherence to the wooden boards will be madeby 4 mm of elastoplastomeric bituminous membrane, reinforced with continuous thread polyethylene fibers. The second, exposed to external environment, will be made by elastomeric liquid sheath reinforced by inert material; it will form a uniform and thermally-reflective layer.
Thermal Insulation
  • Reinforced concrete pillars and beams, thermally insulated with 40 mm EPS 100 polystyrene sheets, shaped and fixed before laying the AAC blocks.
  • Terrace thermally insulated by a layer of special 100 mm AAC blocks, perfectly matched and hot fixed to the bituminous membrane.
  • Roof thermally insulated by compact mineral fiber panels with thick of 160 mm and with a 50 mm air gape.
  • The foundation mat will be thermally insulated by a 150 mm Foamcem material layer (cement / water mixture and non-synthetic protein additive).
Plasters and Paintings
  • External surfaces: will be plasterd with a traditional plaster made by hydrated lime and cement and a traditional finish textured with slightly irregular surfaces; pre-colored plaster mix with light gray natural unevenly pigments.
  • Interior surfaces: will be plastered with a traditional plaster made by hydrated lime and cement and a traditional sponged finish; will be painted by white transpiring paint.
Floors and Walls Coverings


  • Interior floors: made by porcelain stoneware tiles with a size of 50 x 50 cm.
  • Exterior floors (terrace and pergola area): made by porcelain stoneware tiles with a size of 50 x 50 cm and with a non-slip surface (DIN minimum R11 classified).


  • Bathrooms: will be covered by single-fired ceramic tiles (covering height 200 cm)
  • Kitchen room: will be covered by single-fired ceramic tiles (covering height 160 cm)
Interior Doors

Internal doors without glazing with standard size 80 x 210 cm:

  • Sash structure: made by solid wood and composed by a honeycomb inner structure;
  • Sash finish: made by MDF wood with a thick of 44 mm and finished with a matt white laminate;
  • Jamb: made by MDF wood finished with a matt white laminate;
  • Lockset: made by matt gray satin aluminum.
Windows and External Doors

Windows and Doors will be made by extruded white PVC profiles and the frame sections will have five air gaps that will ensure a high insulation prestations.

  • The frame will have a thick of 75 mm and will have a gaskets made by EPDM and the internal reinforcements will be made by tubular steel.
  • The windows sashes will be equipped with heat-insulating glazing filled by Argon gas.
  • The locksets and the handlers will be made by matt gray satin aluminum.


The shutters will be made by aluminum profiles light blue stained and they will have:

  • colored metal hinges;
  • internal handles equipped with safety latch.
Interior Staircase

It connects the ground floor to the first floor.

The firsts stairsteps, made by heavy blocks of AAC, they will be the support base for the others WOOD stairsteps. Remaining staircase structure will be made by solid wood and following a minimalist design.

A metallic grid baluster will complete the staircase design.

Technical Systems

Sewer system

The sewage from toilets and kitchen sinks will be channeled to the collection, treatment and disposal system.

Each house will have its own system, independent from the others.

Sewer system will be made of:

  • thermo-resistant PVC pipes with a minimum section of 100 mm;
  • inspection manholes watertight and with closing lid;
  • Imhoff pit for sewage treatment with manhole covers for inspection;
  • losing pit with holes for liquid dispersion equipped with a drive-over lid with manhole for inspection.

Hydraulic/Sanitary system

Each house will be connected to the public water supply.

Hydro - sanitary system consisting of two bathrooms (ground floor and first floor) and the kitchen. Involves the use of non-toxic PP polypropylene pipes, for hot and cold water, protected by insulating material.

Internal sewage drains made by heat-resistant PVC pipes.

Shut-off valves for the cold and hot water circuits.

In the kitchen there will be hot and cold water connections with waste pipe for sink and cold water connection for dishwasher drain; there will be also a connection for washing machine in the antebathroom on the ground floor.

Bathroom fixtures made by white ceramic material, laid on the floor and washbasin with pedestal; shower tray in ceramic material.

Tap sets, for washbasin and shower, made by polished chromed equipped with internal mixing.

For each house will be included:

  • solar panel for self-production of hot water equipped with a storage tank;
  • external cold water tap, next to the house.

Electric and Telephone systems

Each house will have:

  • connection to the public electricity supply network;
  • connection to the telephone network;

Electrical system made by:

  • corrugated PVC pipes, installed in the walls and/or under the floors;
  • junction PVC boxes with lid;
  • electrical equipment housing PVC boxes (switches, sockets, etc.), standard unified rectangular type suitable for up to 3 Italian-type modules;
  • centralized electrical panel for safety devices, with opening lid;
  • self-extinguishing electrical cables, unipolar, CE certified;
  • electrical equipment (switches, sockets, etc.) from a primary European brand.

Will be expected adequate number of switches (simple, deviated, etc.) and electrical outlets (10A and 16A).

The sockets type could be:

  • italian three-pole type - occupies 1 module position;
  • german type - occupies 2 module positions.

Each rooms will be equipped with light points (ceiling or on the wall).

Each house will be equipped with 3 TV sockets and 2 telephone sockets;

Terrace area and pergola area will be equipped with: a 10A socket, a 16A socket and a simple switch and relative light point; sockets and switch will be installed to IP65 special boxes.

Each house will be equipped with a photovoltaic system for electric self-production.

Winter heating - Summer cooling

The high efficiency passive thermal insulation allows to install an air-air heating/cooling system made by an external condensing unit and indoor ventilation units with conveyed air and variable speed.

Other Finishing

Skirting boards

  • Materials: WOOD or MDF
  • Colors: a selection of colors will be available

External sidewalk

They will be carried out at the intersection between vertical walls and the ground, they will be made by lightly reinforced concrete and with a width of about 1 mt.


The roof and terrace will be equipped with a rainwater drain system made of gray heat-resistant PVC pipes.

Additional Optional Equipments

The following options will be installed/executed only on demand by future customer and after approval/review of the costs.

Electricity Storage System

Based on battery system to store energy.

Rainwater Green Management

A vertical drainage pipes will be connected to an underground PVC storage tank will be useful to recover and reuse the rainwater (a special pre-tank filtering and decanting sump will be installed).

In addition there will be the possibility to install a automated garden irrigation system with drop-drop release.